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Puppy Questionnaire

As a responsible breeder, we need to ensure our puppies get placed in the best possible homes. In addition, we want to make sure that the Mastiff breed will be the right breed for you. In order to achieve these goals, please complete the below questionnaire. By filling out this questionnaire, you are under no obligation to purchase a puppy. This serves as a first step to getting to know you so we can decide together if a Mastiff puppy is right for your family.

If you are looking for a companion-only Mastiff, we do require that they are spayed or neutered. However, a Mastiff is genetically different and matures differently than a smaller breed of dog, and need to be sexually mature before spaying or neutering (a minimum of 18 months of age)  to ensure that they reach their full developmental potential (for full muscle, bone, and joint development) and to decrease the risk of some major health issues.We require that owners wait to spay or neuter our companion Mastiffs, many Veterinarians do not have much experience with giant breed dogs and do realize that this is necessary. Please read this article so that you understand why we require this.

PLEASE NOTE: The information you supply will not be shared with any 3rd party for profit or for personal gain, we just need to learn more about you to decide if you'd be a good match for our Mastiffs.   

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