Mastiff Girls  

Our Mastiff Girls 

Our girls are first members of the family and second show dogs. We are parents with three young children, so we do not show as much as some others might, but we do follow breed standard and show as much as possible. 

Our girls are very loved and fully health tested before any breeding takes place and we only breed girls to stud dogs who compliment them. 

me and delilah
me and delilah

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me and delilah
me and delilah

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Starry Knight's Lady of the Moon

Luna is such a wonderful girl. She reminds me very much of her Grandma Delilah, and definitely has the same temperament. She loves to play, loves my son, and most of all loves to be wherever her humans are. She is such a joy to have in our family!


Luna was never shown due to a rear leg fracture that occurred when she was stepped on by her dad, Marrock, when she was 5 months old.


She has passed all of her health testing, and has an outstanding Penn hip rating in the 90th percentile (better than 90% of all mastiffs tested) 

Please review the photo slideshow for copies of her pedigree and health testing information. 

Luna and Bella's Pedigree
Luna 10 weeks
Luna 4 years old
Luna CMR
Luna Penn hip
Luna DM results
Luna OFA hips
Luna OFA elbows
Luna's Health Testing 

Penn Hip: 90th Percentile (bettter than 90% of all Mastiffs tested) 

OFA Hips Good at 33 months 

OFA Elbows Normal at 33 months

OFA Cardiac Normal

OFA Patella Normal

PRA Clear through Parentage

CMR1 Normal/Clear

DM: Carrier/Not affected 


Cordelia laying
Cordelia and boys
Cordelia profile
Cordelia 15mo
Grizz Cordelia Pedigree
Cordelia STAR
Cordelia Hips and elbows use
Cordelia Cardiac use0001
Cordelia Patella use
Cordelia HU report
Cordelia CMR
Cordelia DM
Cordelia PRA
Cordelia's Health Testing 

OFA Hips Excellent at 14 months

OFA Elbows  Normal at 14 months

OFA Cardiac Normal 

OFA Patella Normal

PRA Normal/Clear

CMR1 Normal/Clear

DM: Carrier/Not affected 

HU: Normal/Clear 

Miramont's Hypnotize the Moon


Cordelia is the apricot I have been waiting years for. Her personality is very much like her mom- Luna's. She is very loving and outgoing. She has not yet met a stranger. 

Cordelia  has recently finished her health testing, and is our 4th generation Miramont Mastiff with an Excellent hip rating. We could not be more thrilled!  


Ember was added to our home from a breeder in Texas and she is exactly what we were looking for! She has an outstanding pedigree full of health tested champion and multi champion mastiffs. She is full of personality and loves attention from everyone. She is over 180 pounds and consistently gets mistaken for a male.  


Ember has finished her health testing and will be expecting her first litter fall 2019. 

Ember's pedigree
Ember OFA hips and elbows
Ember OFA Cardiac
Ember Patella luxation
Ember DM
Ember HU report
Grizz and Ember
ember birthday
Ember birthday face
Ember after bath 7 months old
Ember 16 weeks
Ember 15 weeks
Ember 12 weeks
Ember 9 weeks
Ember 8 weeks
Ember standing 9 weeks
Ember stacked 8 weeks

Abba's I See Fire at Miramont

Ember's Health Testing Results 

OFA Hips: Good at 18 months  

OFA Elbows: Normal at 18 months 

OFA Cardiac: Normal 

OFA Patellas: Normal 

PRA Clear through Parentage

CMR1 Clear through Parentage 

DM: Normal/Clear

HU: Normal/Clear